Thursday, April 16, 2009

Unreal Tournament First Draft;

The two axonometrics I have chosen to build upon in "Unreal Tournament" are shown below. The first one is a representation of my Alfred Nobel quote, which was built outside the wall.

Shown below are images of my outside space for Alfred Nobel. This first shot is from the roof looking through the open roof, whilst the second is taken from the first floor. Images three and four are a view from the bottom floor.

The second Axonometric is a portrayal of my Jacques-Yves Cousteau quote, built within the wall.

The below images are from “Unreal Tournament”. The first image is from the first level alcove, while the second image directly below from the ground level alcove looking out through ’the edge’. My last image shown is from the very corner of the bottom floor looking away from the edge.

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