Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Final SketchUp Model;

My final SketchUp model was created with respect to the below section, commotion (above)and parasite (below), I did in the first week.

The first floor studio is made for Rosalie Gascoigne and inspired by her artwork “Canary Bird", 1996. The jutting roof mimics the commotion found in her art, and by making some of the roof components glass and others opaque it allows fragmented shadows to appear in the upper studio. I believe again this reflects Gascoigne’s artworks as well as her artist method.

The spiral staircase not only acts as a center piece for the gallery but also allows patrons to, as they are walking up or down have a full 360 degree view of the gallery space and the artworks being shown.

Through the centre of Gascoigne’s studio and the gallery floor there is a cut out. This allows natural light to flood through to Fiona Hall’s studio below ground and as acts as a peep-hole between the studios. The spiral staircase surrounds this cut out as to allow patrons a view of the below ground architecture and what is happening within it.

Fiona Hall’s below ground studio is representative of a parasite feeding off both the earth and the gallery space. It was inspired by her artworks in the series, "Castles in the Air of the Cave-Dwellers", 2008. The area has a scientific feel to it as it reflects the ideas portrayed in this series, as she uses resin moulds of human brains.
The stairs cut into the curved walls which make the staircase narrow as it recedes into the studio, giving a foreboding feel. I think this foreboding feeling plays on the parasitic nature of the studio.

The lack of colour throughout the building is purposeful as it will allow the bright artworks of both Hall and Gascoigne to “pop” off the walls in all three spaces.

Textures that I used in my model;

You can find my model on "RapidShare" here

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