Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Developed Stair Design for Final SketchUp Model;
The week four tutorial task was to develop the stair design for the final SetchUp model. As I didn’t have a laptop in the workshop I developed them in my sketch book.
The first picture is of the stairs going from the first level to the gallery. These drawings I did in week two but I thought it relevant to include these here as the drawings represent to a tee what my stairs look like in my model. Also I had already chosen materials and drawn in the supports in these pictures as well.
These stairs are to be made of recycled wood and steel to accompany the feeling of Gascoigne’s artworks. The support for the stairs comes from the balustrades on the outside which are to be rigid and made of recycled steel. And simply the staircase is attached to the first and ground levels.
These stairs allow a 360 degree view of the gallery when patron and Gascoigne are climbing them and also make for a spectacular entrance when coming down, especially if an artwork is being moved into the gallery. I think the spiral stairs make the entrance into Gascoigne’s studio interesting as I would imagine the studio packed with foreign and found materials waiting to be used.

The second picture is of the stair cases that go from the gallery/outside area to the below ground studio. I have made these stairs cantilever stairs, built into the walls for support. As the walls curve the stairs get narrower as they almost melt and join into the wall. This makes the stair case from the top look longer, drawing out the stair case and making the area foreboding playing on the parasite idea for the studio.
The stairs are to be made of transparent material (glass/plastic) and reinforced with steel. The steel rods should be visable through the steps. I think these materials would give a kind of intrusive feeling to the space again playing on the parasitic feel of the studio.

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