Thursday, April 30, 2009

Final Unreal Tournament Model;

Below are images of my final Unreal tournament model. The first image is a view of Alfred Nobel's outside space and the meeting place.

The next three images show Alfred Nobel's Laboratory. Within this space I made it light so the shadows made by the sky lights and ramp would be a stark contrast. The textures for "wings" of the building are my custom textures to highlight the alcoves and make them more familiar, allowing them to acts as a cosy place to sit and meditate and ponder, especially the furthest one away from the edge.

The ramps joining the meeting space to Nobel's building are made from grates which allows unique shadows to be casted throughout the day.

The following three images are of the meeting place. Within this space I have used textures of similar appearances for each levels' exterior to tie them together, whilst also making them separately distinguishable. Some inside areas are rather dark and to portray the side of negativity both scientist express within their quotes, whilst other areas are lighter, filled with natural light to express the positive attempts both clients have made to produce a more peaceful and intelligent world.

The last image displays the interior of Cousteau's workspace. Similar to Nobel's laboratory this area also has alcoves designated for meditation. The space is quite large to symbolise the expansive space within the sea, where Cousteau spent a considerable amount of his time.

Throughout the areas there are indents and outcroppings of custom textured material, which would produce different shadows throughout the day, whilst also intriguing the clients to inquire what is making the shadow and use the entire space.

As I previously stated in my "the Black Box" blog i have allowed natural and artificial light to intertwine and produce sculpturally different spaces throughout the day and night. I have endeavoured to allow the shadows to transform over time encouraging the clients to continue to investigate the unknown.

You can find a link to my Unreal Tournament file below;;13704994;/fileinfo.html

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