Monday, March 16, 2009

SketchUp, Week One;

Directly below is the section i choose to interpret for the first SketchUp task. The descriptive word for the above ground section is parasite (Hall) while the below ground section is dense (Gascoigne).

Although it looks like I did not spend much time on this design it actually took me my whole weekend. I had so much trouble trying to just get the hang of SketchUp. I was following walk-through tutorials on how to use SketchUp and its tools the whole time but I am still uncomfortable with using this program. In the end I got very frustrated with the whole design and ended up leaving it as it was.
However I still believe that the top does look like a parasite as it feeds off the gallery and the beneath ground studio. The underground artist space was inspired by my dense section and if you look closely the entire roof of the studio is made from different sized wood pieces that are extruding from the roof into the space. I tried this approach with the underground studio as I believe the extrusions make a more claustrophobic feel to the studio. Overall if I was to use this for my final model I would have to work hard to lift it to a better standard.

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