Sunday, June 21, 2009

Final Images;
The following images are of my final version for experiment three.

The three images below are of Obama's space within the bridge. The second image is of Obama's private office, separated from the main area by glass and the corridor that is shown in the third image. The top level is an area for Obama to think and contemplate. The beams of the roof converge to the central point (the point of the triangle) on the top level portraying the powerful energy that is attracted to Obama. The corridor's arches are meant to be uplifting whilst also producing a powerful aura.

The next two pictures show Madonna's space and the elevator pathway to it. Madonna's space is supposed to represent her status and the idea that everything she does/ touches brings here more power. this is portrayed by the spiraling and focused pathway that brings everything directly to her.

The next image shows the meeting space and dining table. This area is meant to represent the clashing Obama's and Madonna's powerful personalities as can be seen by the exterior, yet the inside is large and relatively calm. I made it a neutral colour are it is meant to be a neutral space.

Sorry Christain but I had to upload them to RapidShare, I know you said not to do this but FileFront was under maintenance. I will try a bit later to upload them. Sorry.


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